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Bead the Heat This Summer

Posted by David on 4/30/2014
With the summer months fast approaching, let's take a couple of minutes here and discuss the heat.

OK, we know that most people do their beading work indoors - where climate can be controlled and eggs are not fried on the ground. In one way, doing some beading is a great way to stay out of the heat.

But do you want to promote the heat to those for whom you create these great designs?

It is said that certain colors in a room can bring about different moods in people, and certain thoughts can counteract what is going on around the body. For example, when it is 20-below outside, don't many of us have hot meals or drink things like hot cocoa or watch home movies of the summer trip to the beach to help us feel warmer than what our body might actually be experiencing?

And if you have a home office and you want to repaint, sometimes a certain color can bring out creativity and innovation, while a different color scheme in the bedroom can promote relaxation and playfulness. 

Why not use the same psychology with your jewelry? The summer is coming, so maybe try focusing on the cool colors in your jewelry - namely, greens and blues - to help your customers feel a little bit air-conditioned while they look at your pieces. 

Swimsuits, shorts and short-sleeved shirts tend to beat the heat - but we all know that accessories make the wardrobe, so keep that in mind as you make your summer pieces. Confirm the coolness this summer!