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Beaded Accessories for the Stylish Music Festival Goer

Posted by Mary on 3/31/2014

It’s officially spring season and the perfect time to attend music festivals being held all around the country. And aside from the music, the fashion of the attendees also ranks among the most important aspects of these gatherings as well.


Since these music festivals are mostly done outdoors, most goers opt for bohemian-chic-inspired ensembles that are more comfortable and breezier to wear. And we all know that these outfits would never be complete without the right accessories, right? So, if you’re looking to create a line of accessories for this niche market, or if you’re planning on attending yourself… here are some ideas on how you can use beaded accessories to inject more life and sass to your festival look:


  • Piled bracelets: You can never have too many accessories when it comes to outdoor events, especially as elaborate and grandiose as these concerts. You can easily design and create simple beaded bracelets, which can be piled on top of one another. There’s really no restriction when it comes to the types of beads or the colors that you can use, because the more eccentric and garish the design is, the better!  
  • Hair accents: Floral headpieces are a staple during these events, but for those who want to deviate from the norm, you can present them with beaded hair accents instead. You can create headbands that can be placed on top like a crown, or perhaps some simpler beaded pieces that can be pinned to the hair.
  • Vintage-inspired necklaces: Bohemian style hugely capitalizes on vintage-looking pieces, so it would also make sense to don vintage-inspired accessories in the form of necklaces. Antique brass, silver, and copper beads, as well as Firepolished beads, are just a few examples of pieces that would be perfect in putting together vintage-inspired necklaces.
  • Drop earrings: These music gatherings are the perfect places to put on all the accessories that you normally wouldn’t wear anywhere else. Drop or dangling earrings are just the right pieces to further spice up an outdoor ensemble. And the best part about this is how you can play with the length, the number of strings, and the different types of beads to use.