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Finding inspiration for your next jewelry project

Posted by Priyanka on 5/16/2014

If you are an avid jewelry maker you would have often found yourself running out of ideas for your next project. Always keep a notebook and pen handy so you can write down ideas whenever you have them. Given below are a few great ways you can find inspiration for your next project:

  • Snoop through your grandparents or parents' jewelry boxes. You might find some very unique pieces with interesting beading techniques that you would want to duplicate in your next project.
  • Review ethnic, fashion, celebrity and teen magazines for inspiration. This will provide you some idea about the current jewelry trends so you can make jewelry that will be easier to sell.
  • Visit vintage shops, garage sales and flea markets to find inspiration from fabrics, old clothing and old jewelry.
  • Try to find information about jewelry from different countries. This information will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you to create jewelry that is linked to traditions, heritage, ancestry and history of a particular location.
  • Try to find inspiration from the spirit and mythical world. Go through fantasy storybooks with goblins and fairies so you can find inspiration from the imaginary world.
  • Talk to people about their favorite piece of jewelry and the story associated with it. A truly special piece of jewelry such as a memory bracelet or a charm bracelet is one that can tell a compelling story.
  • Draw inspiration from unique jewelry materials. Always look out for one of a kind, handmade or hand painted beads that you can feature in your designs. If you find a truly unique, vintage piece you can design your entire jewelry around that one piece.

With a little creativity and open mind, you'll have endless projects to work on.