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Renaissance Affair Multi Strand Necklace
Renaissance Affair Multi Strand Necklace

Renaissance Affair Multi Strand Necklace

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Part Number:DES-107
Supplies Needed:

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27 - 18x8mm Mixed Crystal Picasso Carved Spindle Beads (4 Strands) 

29 - 6mm Heavens Halo Ethereal Halo Fire Polished Round Beads (2 Strands) 

4mm Antique Bronze Daisy Spacer Beads (2 packs)

4 - Antique Brass Wire Guardians 

4 - 2x2mm Crimp Tubes

4 - 4mm Antique Brass Crimp Bead Covers

2 - 7mm TierraCast Antique Bronze Jump Rings

4 - 5mm Antique Bronze Jump Rings

2 - 13x8mm Hammered Oval Ring

18"  - 5x8mm Antique Brass Metal Chain

Soft Flex .019 Silver Wire

Chain Nose Pliers

Wire Cutter

Crimping Pliers


Cut two (2)  24" pieces of Soft Flex wire (I like mine long for ease when crimping my ends).  Starting with your first strand, put your crimp tube and wire guardian on and crimp with your pliers, then put on the crimp cover bead.  Now start stringing your beads on the wire as shown in photographs (or in your own pattern).  The longer strand of the necklace starts with a glass spindle bead, a 4mm daisy spacer, a 6mm fire polished bead, another 4mm daisy spacer, and then back to the glass spindle bead.  Once all beads have been strung onto the wire, finish the other end with a crimp tube, wire guardian and crimp cover bead.  

The 2nd strand will be started and finished just as the first, but start with 2 6mm fire polished beads, a 4mm daisy spacer, a glass spindle bead, and so on.  

Once both strands have been strung and the ends are finished, connect them to the TierraCast hammered oval link with the 5mm jump rings.

Use the 7mm jump rings to connect the oval link to the antique bronze chain.  I used 18" in my design as I like a longer necklace, but you can use less or more to make your own desired length.